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The City of Jasper is located on the Little Buffalo River in Northwest Arkansas. It became the County Seat of Newton County in 1843 and, according to the 2010 census, has a population of 466.

The picturesque town is laid out around a court house square and has many historic buildings. Local residents boast about not having a single stop light in Jasper. The city is nestled in the heart of the Ozarks with easy access to a wide array of natural activities such as hiking, rock climbing, fishing, hunting, viewing wildlife such as the elk, turkeys, deer, etc. Photographers love the waterfalls, wild flowers, birds, and river scenes along the Buffalo.

The Newton County Library is a well stocked library that is in the process of adding digital books and has computer usage services available for the community. The Newton County Senior Center has a busy,active clientele who are some of the strongest community volunteers. Five churches are located within the city limits, and city, county, state and federal government offices are accessible. The Chamber of Commerce is located on the square, and a pharmacy, health clinic and a health center established by the Jasper School District provides services for residents. The City of Jasper”s highly rated school is located in town adjacent to Bradley Park, a lovely city park on the Little Buffalo with walking paths, tennis,basketball and baseball courts, a pavilion and a stage where concerts such as the annual Bluegrass Festival is held.

Various stories are told about how Jasper was named, but one often heard is that Cherokee Chief John Ross, a resident, retreated into the hills to pray for hours over naming the village. When he returned, he said the name should be Jasper. The Chief said, “Jasper is a hard and strong stone, lighted from inside by love. It is like the men of this village, strong men, good men, lighted from within by love.” In a recent survey of local residents, they still named the people of Jasper as its greatest strength.

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